Ola Guild Games partners with Wildlife Studios & Castle Crush game: A free-to-play iOS/Android game with over 75 million lifetime downloads (PC version is currently in development) and now a Play-To-Own game where players duel in 1v1 real-time battles using a deck of cards to crush their opponent’s castle.

“With the Ola GG partnership we will be able to reach thousands of blockchain gaming players in the Hispanic market. We are excited about this strategic partnership and the future it will unlock as we continue to develop the web3 side of Wildlife Studios.” – Fernando Sette, Senior Director of Product @ Wildlife Studios


Matches last between 1 and 3 minutes and end with the destruction of a player’s castle — there are no draws. In the next month, Wildlife Studios will introduce a new phase to Castle Crush, adding new progression systems and mechanics enabled by blockchain technology. Players that engage with the blockchain layer will coexist with the existing player community Castle Crush will be one game for all players to enjoy together, whatever platform they play in.

Players must crush their enemy’s castle while protecting their own. In order to do so, players use cards in real-time (not turn-based), reacting to their opponent’s strategy. Before the battle begins, players must choose a deck of 14 cards — this is covered in the deck-building section. There are two types of cards: Minion cards and Spell cards. When Minions get deployed on the battlefield, they move towards the enemy’s castle and will attack whatever comes into range first — either an enemy Minion or the enemy’s castle. Spell cards take effect immediately and can alter the state of the battle in significant ways either evaporating an enemy Minion, healing a friendly Minion, bombarding the enemy castle directly, amongst many others. The battle takes place on three lanes that connect the Castles together. Cards are deployed in one of the lanes and take effect immediately. Every 7 seconds, players receive a new card. Players can hold up to 6 cards. If a player already holds 6 cards during the next card draw, the drawn card will be burned!


Ascension Crystals ($ACS) are a new currency which will be added once the blockchain layer goes live (June 2022). Players get $ACS from daily in-game rewards, seasonal rewards, other in-game activities (e.g. tournaments), and finally by selling NFTs. They are spent by players to mint (acquire) and upgrade cards and to participate in in-game events.


Players will be able to upgrade their cards to new heights by Ascending them — Ascended Cards will exist as NFTs in the blockchain. NFTs will come in two varieties: regular Ascended Cards and special Ascended Cards called Founder Cards, both of which will have higher stats and unique in-game skins and animations. Founder Cards will have additional rewards and benefits.



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