Our New Partner that encourages players to adopt healthy habits through competing and monetizing their walking steps.

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Walken, a Move-To-Earn game encouraging players to adopt healthy habits.


👟Players walk, and their everyday activity is converted into in-game currency which can be used to upgrade 🐱 CAThletes — NFT-based characters. Players are rewarded with more WLKNs as their CAThletes level up. Walken app has one token design (Walken Token, WLKN) that users can farm in the different Competitions (Sprint, Marathon, Urban Running)

NFTs Utility and Marketplace

Walken has an in-game market place for Heroes (CAThletes) and apparel (clothes for the CAThletes) which upgrades heroes and give more skills to win more and earn more!


“With OLA GG we are finding a great partner for Walken game spread, more gamers and scholars in Spanish-speaking communities who can bring skilled CAThletes to the market. We have an experienced team of 61 professional working together since 2017 on native mobile games and entertainments products only” — Alexei Porodzinsky, Co-Founder Walken

At OLA GG we’ll be assigning Walken Scholarships very soon!

Join our Discord: discord.gg/olagg

Twitter: twitter.com/olaguildgames

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