Ola GG is a subDAO of the main Yield Guild Games (YGG) DAO that is focused on serving Spanish-speaking gamers around the world. The subDAO’s mission is to create the largest community of play-to-earn gaming enthusiasts from different Hispanic regions by developing a comprehensive and sustainable virtual economy. The guild leverages YGG’s infrastructure and assets to better serve its pool of players and onboard them to the Metaverse through localized partnerships, asset acquisition, education and on-the-ground services.

Countries with the largest Hispanic populations include Mexico (with a population of 124.8 million), Colombia (50.6 million), Argentina (44.9 million), Spain (43.6 million) and the United States (47.6 million). Of this, the Latin America (LATAM) region represents 600 million people, where almost half are unbanked and have limited access to financial products. A third of the population of Latin America also lives below the poverty line, earning less than US$2 per day.

In 2021, the LATAM gaming market reached US$7.2 billion, with 230 million active gamers per month, 75% of whom were players of mobile games. The region has increasing access to 5G mobile connection, to further support the growth of mobile gaming as well as play-to-earn. Additionally, according to an online survey conducted by Finder in 2021, Venezuela, Peru, Colombia and Argentina are among the Top 20 countries in the world for NFT adoption. AIt is expected that gamers across LATAM will show a significant appetite for NFT games and could quickly become one of the world’s fastest-growing play-to-earn communities.

“We are now focused on hyper-scaling our subDAO model to involve even more communities around the world in Web3 and give them access to the play-to-earn economy,” said Gabby Dizon, co-founder of Yield Guild Games. “The team at Ola GG will aggregate talent, provide quality resources to educate the masses, and help to nurture the development of locally created NFT games that the community can play and enjoy as well as earn rewards from.”

The Ola GG Discord server has amassed over 21,900 members who are building the foundations of the world’s largest guild dedicated to the Hispanic population. Ola GG has successfully onboarded over 3,800 scholars in games including Axie Infinity, CyBall, Karmvase, Castle Crush and Genopets, lending players the assets needed to play these games. The guild also has plans to support additional NFT games in the near future, including, MonkeyLeague and MetaSoccer, among others.

The guild is also taking an active approach to engaging with the local audience by organizing community AMAs in Spanish to educate players about the various games they can interact with, as well as teach them Web3 skills and financial literacy.

Ola GG is led by co-founders, Clara Bullrich and Nico del Pino. Clara is a partner at Alvarium Investments, an international multi-family office with assets under management of over $20 billion. She is also a Co-Founder & General Partner at TheVentureCity, a leading venture capital firm with over $150M raised investing in early-stage founders building in emerging tech hubs in Latam, Europe and US. Clara is an active investor in the Web3 sector, having made over 85 investments in digital assets and actively participating as a founding member or early contributor in several DAOs.

With over 15 years working in emerging markets in the blockchain and fintech industries, Nico co-founded Liquid Meta, the first publicly traded liquidity mining operation in the world. Nico was a commercial partner at Bitex.la, a leading crypto-exchange in LATAM, and previously led Endeavor Global as Director of Fintech and VP of Sales at dLocal.

Ola GG recently raised an US$8 million funding round from Galaxy Interactive, BITKRAFT, Arca, and others. YGG also supported an earlier incubation round for Ola GG, helping the guild build initial momentum.

“We see a lot of untapped potential here in the Hispanic market and a community that is primed for the play-to-earn revolution that is unfolding right in front of our eyes,” said Steve Lee, investor at BlockTower Capital. “This raise will help bootstrap a community of passionate individuals to access new opportunities for greater economic growth,” he added.

Other investors in Ola GG include Com2uS, Cultur3d, Huobi Ventures, Spark Capital, BlockTower, Infinity Ventures Crypto, Morningstar Ventures, Sangha Capital, Mentha, Actai Ventures, Valhalla Ventures, Polygon, Crypto.com Capital, TheVentureCity, YGG SEA, IndiGG, Bitscale and Fir Crypto Capital.

The funds from this round will be used to acquire more NFT assets in different games, deliver language-specific educational content, and further the adoption of play-to-earn gaming for Spanish-speaking communities across LATAM, the United States and Spain.

For more information about Ola GG, check out their DiscordYouTube, and Twitter.

To learn more about Yield Guild, read the YGG whitepaper here. Join the YGG Discord or follow us on Twitter for future updates.

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