• Esports Team Heretics joins OLA GG to form “OlaHeretics”, Blockchain Gaming Community Esports team.
  • OlaHeretics will lead a series of “tryouts” within the community, selecting the very best for competitive “OlaHeretics” teams across different games.

Heretics, one of the biggest Esports teams in the world and leader in the Hispanic market, with a reach of more than 110 million followers and which has already achieved Esports glory on several occasions, is entering blockchain gaming partnering with OLA GG.

The newest goal of Heretics (Valorant European champion and with more than 15 titles in Spain in games such as League of Legends, CS:GO, FIFA and Call of Duty), is to lead in an increasingly important field for the competitive scene: blockchain gaming. In order to achieve that, they have joined forces with Ola GG, the largest Web3 Gaming community in the Hispanic market. This is how OlaHeretics is born, an alliance that seeks to create one of the most important blockchain gaming teams in the world.

One of the first steps of OlaHeretics will be to create an academy of players within the Ola GG community, joining their Discord and participating in special activities of a “tryouts” process. Heretics will participate in the selection process of the most outstanding players, generating different challenges and tournaments within this space. In the next few days, the call for “tryouts” in different games that are part of the Ola GG portfolio will be opened in the community.

The choice of Ola GG by Heretics for this project has to do mainly with his knowledge regarding blockchain gaming, being the largest Web3 gamer community in the Hispanic market. In addition, Ola GG is a strategic partner for the Hispanic market of YGG, the largest Play and Earn community in the world.

Ola GG is in constant development and growth, offering its followers the best Web 3, blockchain gaming and education products, providing the possibility of accessing scholarships for different games of this type and being able to develop in new technologies.

“Since we started with Ola GG we have always set ourselves vibrant and very challenging goals, such as being the largest Web3 gamer community in the Hispanic market and providing financial inclusion to it. But we also know that in order to achieve these goals, the competitive scene plays a fundamental role since It’s a very popular place for Hispanic gamers. That’s why we are very happy to conform this alliance with a highly experienced team such as Heretics and it is an honor for us to be their partners in this initiation in the competitive field of Blockchain gaming”, assured Martín Blaquier, CEO of Ola GG.

“At Heretics we always set ourselves ambitious and challenging goals. We are disruptive and we believe in innovation, this is how we managed to reach key milestones that we consider essential. Just like we want to be part of the most important competitive scenes in the world, we also consider it is essential to join in the beginning of this new era on the internet. We believe that Ola GG, with its industry´s knowledge and its vibrant community, is the best ally to take this step with. We expect great things from our work together as Ola Heretics”, said Jorge “Goorgo” Orejudo, Co-Founder of Heretics.

Join OlaHeretics: discord.gg/olagg

Team Heretics:






Jore Orejudo Co-Founder of Team Heretics
Grefg and Nil Ojeda presenting OLAHERETICS in Club113 Podcast

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